1. Q. Who is a public adjuster?

    A. A licensed individual hired by you to prepare, file and negotiate your insurance claim for you.

  2. Q. What is Chicago Adjusting responsible for?

    A. Chicago adjusting will take care of every phase in preparation, presentation and settlement of your insurance claim. You can also trust our public adjusters to explain your rights and obligations as an insured.

  3. Q. What will I gain if I hire Chicago adjusting to represent me?

    A. Our public adjusters will formulate and immediately implement a strategic plan for your property recovery. We know exactly what to do and how to communicate with your insurance provider in order to get you a maximized settlement amount.

  4. Q. Why do I need help in filing an insurance claim?

    A. Your insurance policy can contain as many as 2,750 lines of terms & conditions all worded in a confusing matter. Chances are if you do not work in a legal or insurance-related field, you will be lost trying to decipher your policy. Public adjusters are experts in insurance language and can use it to recover the most in your claim. If you chose to file a claim on your own, your insurance provider will most likely use your inexperience to issue a minimal settlement amount.

  5. Q. How much does it cost to hire Chicago Adjusting?

    A. We get paid a small percentage of your insurance company’s settlement on a contingency basis. By maximizing your settlement, chicago adjusting’s fee will seem negligible. The adjusting fee can be waived if you chose our sister company, genesis property restoration to complete your restoration project.

  6. Q. How does Chicago Adjusting maximize my settlement?

    A. We use not only our past experience and knowledge but also special field tools to determine exactly the extent of damage to your property. We prepare detailed inventories and building estimates using the same software your insurance uses and make sure that all stipulations in your policy are faithfully observed.

  7. Q. Will my insurance recognize Chicago Adjusting as my representative?

    A. Most insurance companies will be actually quite happy to work with an experienced and reputable public adjuster when handling claims.

  8. Q: What kind of storm damage is covered by my insurance policy?

    A. it all depends… Most home and business insurance policies automatically cover hail, wind and tornado damage but floods and earthquakes usually require additional coverage. Our public adjustors can help you understand your policy and make expert recommendations.

  9. Q: What will my insurance company pay for exactly?

    A. home and business owner insurance covers the repair or replacement costs of your home/business and its contents up to defined limits. Chicago adjusting will make sure you get a fair settlement and everything that should, will be accounted for. This may include cleanup and additional living expenses if applicable.

  10. Q: If I file a storm damage claim, will my insurance premiums increase?

    A. most states actually prohibit insurance companies from increasing your premiums or canceling your coverage after filing storm damage.