Claim Representation Explained

Your claim process will take following steps:

  • Initial Onsite Inspection

    • One of our expert adjusters will survey, photograph, and diagram your property to assess total extent of the damage.

    • We will then review your insurance policy with you to determine your rights and obligations and those of your insurer as well as the coverage listed in your insurance policy.

  • Insurance Claim Representation

    • Based on the initial inspection, our team will determine repair costs for your building and fixtures using professional estimating software.

    • We will then work with your insurance company to establish agreements on level of damage to your property, replacement and repair costs as well as depreciation value

  • Throughout the Property Loss Claims Process

    • We will represent you- the homeowner, during all inspections and every meeting with your insurance company adjusters.

    • We will keep you updated on your claims status and offer professional opinions and/or recommendations when appropriate.

    • We communicate with your insurance company throughout the entire claim process to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

    • While adhering to your insurance policy requirements and conditions, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you get a fair settlement on your property claim.

    • Remember, since we get paid a percentage from your claim settlement so you can rest assured that it’s in our best interest to maximize it.